Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Can't Forget the Asshole-like Mouth nor the Attractive eyes!

Few days ago I bought a new hairdryer, but I didn't like it. So I decided to return it. Yesterday I went to the store to do that. There was a Sudanese seller. He was acting like a greedy alien the whole time. In fact, I hurried to his store, I even forgot my purse in the car . First, he welcomed me with a smiley childish face, within seconds, he turned to a monster who wants to eat me up, when he knew that I came to return the hair dryer. He said: what's wrong with it? and he tried to plug it in. I said: it works. No problem with it, the problem is me . I can't use it. He said: why can’t you? I said: because it is too big and hurtful. I can't hold it. Then I stopped for a second and asked myself what the hell am I saying ? Then I said: I dunno really, I can't use it. He laughed sneakily and said: sorry young lady there is no return items , but you can exchange it with another one. I said: ok , let me see what do you have. Then , I picked one and told him I want this. He looked at me with big eyes saying: actually, this one is 260 Riyals and the one you want to return is 255 Riyals , so you have to pay 5 more Riyals. I told him: sorry I have no money at the moment, you know I came to return not to exchange. He said : what shall we do ? I said: I dunno as you see I don’t even have a purse. It is only 5 Riyals. He said: no no no no no no don’t play with me trying to be the smart one here. Believe me that won't work . At that exact moment, I felt like I saw his asshole while he was saying "No". He said it in a very mean way. I can't describe how fucking disgusting he was.

I told him: I'm telling you the truth I'm not playing with you. He said: Okay, go to your car and bring the money. I told him: the car is very far away from this store . I can't go there and come back again. He said: What shall we do with this problem ?Did you come with a driver or someone else? I said: yeah, I came with my driver, but he doesn’t know Arabic nor English to tell him about the directions to your store so he can come alone to give you the 5 Riyals. He said: What can we do with this dilemma ? there is no other way than you choose a cheaper hairdryer, so it will be a win-win situation. I said: sorry I don’t like any one but this. He said: what do you think of sending someone with you to your car to bring me the money. I was thinking what the hell can't he just forget about the 5 Riyals. I mean its only 5 !!!. I said, knowing that there is no other way to convince this SOB: That’s a good Idea.

So, he asked a 15-year-old Afghani boy to come with me. Actually, he has extremely attractive wicked green eyes, which made every step I walked with him worthwhile. When we arrived at my car, I gave him the 5 riyals and told him this is for the Sudanese man. Then I gave him another 50 riyals and I told him this is for you. He said: "thank you , have a good dye " with a foxy smile that made me forget all the disgusting feeling I felt.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Now look what I've done !

Sometimes things come to my mind when I see other people and I don't know if they are true or not . Those things affect my behaviors , but I try to keep them under control .

Yesterday I was with this girl , who was telling me a tragic story . She is one of my relative's daughters .While I was listening to her, a weird idea popped into mind out of nowhere . What if this girl was exchanged at birth ? Actually , she doesn't look like her parents nor her sisters . She has different color , different hair and type of body . Oh , even her voice is too loud not like others .While I was drowning in a sea of creepy ideas, I started to laugh . Then I tried so hard to hold back by looking at her with big eyes trying to show that I was interested in what she is saying . And I know it’s so rude to laugh in someone’s face. But at the end I failed and I couldn't keep a straight face .so , she asked me : What is wrong with you ? I'm not telling you a joke ! I replayed :but you remind me of one . She said : What is it ? I said : No I can't .It is too porn for you little kid . She said : fuck you , then she ran away .

I started to laugh so hard till I peed in my pants , and wonder Was she exchanged or not ? Did her mother cheat on her father ? Am I a jackass ? Then I ran to the bath peeing , tearing up and feeling sorry at what I did to that girl . I wish there was something i could have done to avoid all this crap.