Friday, October 30, 2009

Now look what I've done !

Sometimes things come to my mind when I see other people and I don't know if they are true or not . Those things affect my behaviors , but I try to keep them under control .

Yesterday I was with this girl , who was telling me a tragic story . She is one of my relative's daughters .While I was listening to her, a weird idea popped into mind out of nowhere . What if this girl was exchanged at birth ? Actually , she doesn't look like her parents nor her sisters . She has different color , different hair and type of body . Oh , even her voice is too loud not like others .While I was drowning in a sea of creepy ideas, I started to laugh . Then I tried so hard to hold back by looking at her with big eyes trying to show that I was interested in what she is saying . And I know it’s so rude to laugh in someone’s face. But at the end I failed and I couldn't keep a straight face .so , she asked me : What is wrong with you ? I'm not telling you a joke ! I replayed :but you remind me of one . She said : What is it ? I said : No I can't .It is too porn for you little kid . She said : fuck you , then she ran away .

I started to laugh so hard till I peed in my pants , and wonder Was she exchanged or not ? Did her mother cheat on her father ? Am I a jackass ? Then I ran to the bath peeing , tearing up and feeling sorry at what I did to that girl . I wish there was something i could have done to avoid all this crap.