Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thanx a Lot My Tushie

Yesterday , I was at the mall shopping and having fun with my friend. Out of the blue, she said something hilarious, which made me laugh out loud with a spin around. While I was spinning around, she shouted: " Watch out, someone is behind you !!". I didn't give a flying fuck about what she was saying, because what is better than hitting my tushie at a guy ;) ??!!". And BAAAAAM, I hit a man behind me, and he fell down. I was about to fall on top of him, but another man helped me not to. What I wished happened but in a very awkward way :/ When I stood up and regain my balance, I had a one hell of a shock THE TWO GUYS WERE POLICEMEN. The one who fell down on the ground was a religious police, while the one who helped me was his assistant. At that moment, People were getting crowded, and my situation became even more awkward. I laughed hysterically, and ran away saying to my tushie " Hey, What did you do? You couldn't choose a smoking hot guy to hit? or a wall? Or a teenager boy? Thanx a lot to ya " After what happened, I believed I am officially a weird girl, who may end up causing a scene.

Yeah, it was awkward but funny situation, isn't it ?