Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yumyum make me dumdum

I've just woke up, feeling so happy, smiling so big, licking my juicy lips, ummm HOW YUMMY!!! Is it real or not? me and Brad Pitt were all over each other. We were in an exotic boat. He was looking passionately into my eyes. He was shirtless showing his abs of steel. He was a real hotness. Brad Pitt in his HEYDAY. He got very closer to me, placing his hands behind my neck, kissing me long and sensual kisses.  His mouth was so sweet – he tasted of all things good and fresh ( if anyone wonders how does he taste!!  ;) loooooooooool ) One moment his lips were tender, the next strong and assertive, his tongue slowly …. then I heard my sis " wake up u lazy ass" I opened my eyes with a big smile on my face. That is so yummy. Yumyum make me dumdum. The odd thing is that Brad Pitt is not in my hot list. I've never dreamed about meeting him or fanaticized about him. But I don't deny that he is so fucking sexy. Once, my friend told me that if you dreamed about someone, it means that your souls have met in another universe. If that is true, I'm so lucky that my soul met his and kissed it   :D