Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Perv's Talk ;)

    My cousins have an Indian driver. A PERV. He doesn't speak any language but his mother tongue and some English. He turns every conversation into a nasty thing. So, the communication with him is difficult.

     He is chubby, likes to wear red shirts and tight pants , has excessive acne and has long greasy hair. He is fucking GROSS IMMATURE .

     Once I was with my cousins on our way home. One of them finished her soda and wanted to ask the driver to pull over to throw it into the garbage bin. She said, " excuse me " the minute she said that, he turned his face to her direction and stared at her breasts saying with extra excitement, " yeas, madam". His lazer-like eyes made her uncomfortable. Therefore, she said, "plz, stop at the zubl" instead of "stop at the garbage bin". when she said that hard-core line, she shocked the fuck out of everyone in the car. Fore the love of god ! Can't this fool say any other word? Is this even a word? Does she think that she is a cool dj and can mix things up Arabic with English?

     " Wat ? Wat zub?", the driver said . By dropping the L letter, he made the situation more awkward. Her sis and I couldn't help it, but laughe hysterically. While she, the fool one, started to cry. He looked at us with his nasty eyes , trying to act all innocent and said " what is zub? I don’t understand?" and his eyes is saying the opposite. He held the fool cousin's hand and said, "what do you want me to do?" At that moment, he crossed the line. So, her sis screamed at the top of her voic, " SHUT UP BASTRD! GO HOME". He smiled at her and winked ;) "ok, madam " with a head-shake. I laughed all the way long and swore to God not to go with them anymore till they have another driver.

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eshda3wa said...

a perv.

held her hand?

are u kidding me..

why is he still working for them!